Effective Techniques Of Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is an integrated part of any successful business entity, in the current era. All most all, of the Fortune 500 companies are using social media marketing with high efficiency, in their day to day business activities.

There are many benefits of using this marketing tool in today’s competitive business environment. Some of which are, building brand awareness effectively, gathering highly targeted customers to the business and being perceived as an expert in the niche that the business is being conducted. In this article, we would be discussing some of the highly effective techniques of a successful social media marketing campaign.

Listen First and then Talk

This is one of the most important techniques of a highly successful marketing campaign. Do not try to impress the customers by talking about your company, all the time. It would be better to listen to the customer’s problem first, and then try to give him or her a solution through your company. Show the customer, how your company would be able to be a solution to their problems. This approach is highly effective in retaining a customer for a long period of time with the company.

Reply to Every Customer

Be active on all of the major social media tools such as, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Answer all the questions of the customers, who are active on these profiles. Even a customer makes a bad comment about the company; try to keep your cool and respond by explaining the situation and the positives of your company. Remember, thousands of others are watching your responses on these profiles. The way you respond to the customer would be affected finally, on your company, so be careful.

Advertise Effectively

Today’s social media profiles are not for just hanging around with friends and peers. These profiles could be used to advertise your company more effectively than any place offline. Most of the profiles have facilities to advertise your company or product, based on the location, age group, sex, job title, interest and hobbies etc. Take advantage of this feature to drive highly targeted sales leads to your company.

Don’t Try to Force a Sale on the Customer

Social media is powerful, when you try to solve a problem of a customer, than trying to force a sale on the customer. Do not try to sell anything to anybody by force; it could backfire as nobody would like to be forced upon by a salesman. But, when you try to solve a problem of the customer; the customer would eventually buy the product that you were trying to force upon him.

Be Polite and Graceful in Your Interactions

Thank your partners and customers in all your social media postings. This would help the customer, feel good about you and your company. Politeness and gracefulness could win more customers to your company, in the long run.

The above techniques would be very helpful in achieving the sales targets of your company in the long run.


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    Hi Vishal,
    Great article bro. I think you have researched well to get these facts. These techniques applies to offline marketing too. Thanks for sharing. :)

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    Social media marketing is one of the best business strategies that any business should utilize. It allows your business to interact with you fan base and customer base without having to call them and ask for customer feedback. Having all of your pages easily accessible is probably the most important point because how else are you going to get more followers? If your business has a social media page, put them right on the front page of your website so that you can get more fans instantly. I like the 10-4-1 rule because it looks like a good way to mix around the content of your pages so that you are not posting some of the same stuff over and over again.

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