RSS Feed – How to Find the RSS Feed Url of a Blog?

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RSSRSS is a Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication of a webpage or blog post in which adheres xml format. It helps publishers to syndicate their blog or website with many different networks and platform automatically. Rss feeds can be used in web browser, feed reader, smart phones and other supported devices to present summary or full blog, news, videos, images etc.

Where is my Blog’s RSS Feed URL?

There are many times when someone ask your blog’s feed url or you need to submit it to different networks, search engines and directories. WordPress has four url types of Rss feed. You can use any one and replace example with your domain name.

Another simple trick to get your WordPress feed is right click on blog or website, click on view page source, then ctrl+f  and enter feed on search box, resulted url is your blogs feed url.

  where is my rss feed url

WordPress Rss Plugin

WP RSS Multi Importer is a WordPress plugin which can be used to display different rss feeds, create autoblog (automatically post on WordPress blog using rss), combine different rss and other functionality.

You can use this this plugin to create your own news site by aggregating feeds from different news websites/blogs. It comes in handy when you want to syndicate same article on different blog.

Rss – Blog Directories

You can submit your blogs/website’s rss feed url to different directories, such as technorati etc, so that  it reaches a wider audience and receive traffic from all around the world. There are some directories and network which can enhance your blogs SEO and authority.  To access directory of rss feeds from all around the world click here.

Burn RSS feed of your blog using  FeedBurner

If you still can’t find your RSS feed or want to use FeedBurner to burn rss feed and use it in your blog, then goto add feed (  and put your blogs url in the box. It will return with two url one is your blog post url and other is comment url. Select blog url and burn it and assign a short name for this feed, so that it can be easily remembered.


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