Are Seo Metrics Reliable? 4 Reasons Why They Are

SEO metrics are considered one of the most important tools in determining the success or failure of any online campaign. That is why, SEO experts and internet marketing gurus always subscribe to the ever-changing SEO metrics to determine if what they’re doing is effective and contributes to the website’s over-all success.

Are Seo Metrics ReliableHowever, there are individuals who doubt the effectiveness and reliability of SEO metrics. But should we really doubt them? I don’t think so. For one, it has been tested and proven that an SEO-metric compliant website always wins against a website that fails to impress Google, Panda or Alexa.

SEO metrics gauges the success of SEO

Paul Koks, web master of, explains that SEO metrics evaluate the rate of success or failure of a campaign. Google’s metrics change every now and again, so it’s really a must that SEOs should keep themselves at pace with these changes if they want their websites—and their services—to stay competitive. So, if the SEO metrics okay your strategies, more likely, you’ll get to see your website rise in ranks and enjoy a steady flow of traffic.

SEO metrics determine keyword rankings

According to Caleb Woodbridge, SEO Consultant for, keyword ranking determines a website’s position in search engine results. So, if you try to look up the keyword “SEO metrics” in Google, and your website appears in number 1, that means, you get top keyword ranking and chances are, your website will be the preferred website for searchers looking for information about SEO metrics.

While it could really take time and hard work to land on the top stop, consistent content-based website optimization will provide you with more than top keyword rank, and that is revealed through transparent metrics that will tell you your SEO’s efforts are well-worth it.

Koks explains that it is easier to rank long-tail, very specific keywords, compared to generic terms. Long-tail keywords and search phrases convert more traffic, too, especially for searchers on the hunt for specific information about something.

SEO metrics give webmasters and owners a gist of website traffic

Your website’s traffic tells you how many people are visiting your website for a given timeframe. A lot of people have this wrong notion that your website will enjoy more traffic if it’s on top of the rank. While there is truth on this, high web traffic is also possible if there are many people who directly search and enter web address.

This is called direct traffic. Links generated from other sites, like blogs, article directories and social networks also help generate more visitors, even if you don’t make it into Google’s top 10 list.

While keyword rankings is considered helpful in boosting organic traffic, a successful SEO, meanwhile,  helps increase direct traffic, especially through return traffic, as well as, referral traffic, through link building to relevant websites.

SEO metrics serve as guiding compass to content marketers

Website owners, especially those who are making money out from their website, know that search engine optimization is very important for their sales. That is why, content marketers always see to it that relevant market strategies are employed to highlight their products, services and ideas and ensure their website lands on top of search engine results pages. SEO metrics, then, help website owners determine if they are making the right or wrong move.

This guest post is a contribution by Manilyn Moreno from Better Cater, a catering software company where she works as the Online Marketing and Content Manager. She is also responsible for maintaining and promoting their website which provides tips to caterers on managing events.

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