Social Media Etiquette in the Workplace – the Do’s and Don’ts

social media etiquettesAs kids we were always taught to respect our elders and be the most well-behaved children around. Being polite and courteous came naturally to us because of the kind of upbringing we got from our parents. Etiquettes played an important part in making us who we are and even as kids we took up etiquettes very seriously for ourselves and even when it came to judging somebody else. So if all this played such an important part in our lives then why are we forgetting about them today when we are going viral with the help of social networking sites.

Social networking sites today have become a part of us, it describes us and tells the whole world about how we are and who we are. With the help of social media we are able to judge people very easily.  All said and done about the power of social media, what surprises me is that then why don’t people take social media etiquettes seriously? Is it because in this field we don’ have the guidance of parents and elders?

The growth and power of the social networking sites have been taken up seriously by all and finally people are able to tap in their power to help their business grow. Social media also plays an important role in business. The companies go viral with the help of social media marketing, they get the much-needed promotion and also sales for their business grows as well.

Now, that you are planning to take up social media seriously for professional reasons then it is all the more important to know about the social media etiquettes. Not many people are aware about it and if that’s the case with you as well then let me help you on this and teach you a few important social media dos and don’ts, here lets check them out and follow them:

It is important to first know the dos and start executing it first, so here is the list of the dos:

  • Make time – building a social media profile is a big deal and takes up a lot of time. If you are expecting that in just one day your company will have a nice social image with tweets, likes, follows and repins then you are mistaken. Build the image with a lot of time and care to see the results take place within a couple of weeks or months. But it is important that you give this aspect a lot of time. Always remember business flourishes with the help of building good relationships and doing that takes time so for now don’t focus on making business but to make strong relationships and social media profiles.
  • Proper representation of your business – always remember people rather potential customers in this case, will judge you the way you build your image on these networking sites. So be very alert about the tweets, statuses, pins, images and comments that you upload. The ability for negative comments to snowball is tremendously high so be extra careful. The kind of images you upload and the comments you make are all the opportunities you are giving to your customers to judge you. So make the most of it!
  • Response is very important – your idea of building a social media profile is not to build an image but to engage your customers as well. So it is important you strike a conversation with them and build a rapport. It is a must to answer all the questions that your customers or viewers have and what needs extra cautiousness is that you need to respond to these queries within a timely range. You must also remember that replying to messages is equally important even if the queries are not related to your products, in such cases if you are under the assumption that a single user cannot create much impact then you are mistaken because there are millions who are keeping a tab on all this.

These are some of the most important dos that you cannot ignore while engaging in social media marketing. There are quite a few but the three mentioned are an absolute must and should not be ignored in any case.

The list of don’ts are also important to help you from damaging your social media profile and from generating business and helping your business grow. Have  a look at them as well and remember to follow them:

  • Don’t focus on selling – social networking sites are not a sales tool. It’s a fact and the sooner you accept it, the better it is for you and your business. These sites are a medium through which you indulge in interacting with your customers and clients, tell them about you and if they find you impressive enough then you’ll can talk business. But if your focus is sales driven then there is hardly any scope for you to do good in your business. Focusing too much on sales sends across an impression that you are too money-minded without thinking much about the customer benefits. This image is dangerous and be miles away from creating such an image.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment – social media marketing is a new concept which is booming big time. There are no written rules about what one needs to do and what they don’t require to do. All the points stated are just a matter of experimentation that has brought in desired results. So never be afraid to experiment new methods and approaches. The more you experiment, the more you learn and the more you share.
  • Don’t ignore negative feedback – it is difficult to please everybody and it is not possible for everyone to like what you do or what your business deals with. Keeping this in mind always be open to a diverse range of feedback, some good and some not so good. So in case of negative feedbacks don’t lose heart, instead try to focus your attention on the negativity as pointed out and work on fixing it. Use the tool of customer service and reputation management and keep your customers updated that the problem that they cited is taken up seriously with necessary solutions.

These are some of the most important don’ts that one cannot overlook so if you are serious about social media marketing. These are some of the basic social media etiquettes that helps you set a good example of yourself and your business.

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