The Top 3 Free Online Tools to Manage your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be a million piece puzzle; in fact, to assume that the miniature of any marketing is static in the modern sense is a sure fire way to de-rank and undervalue any contribution your campaigns may be making to your bottom line. Online media is one of those do or die industries, where twenty four hours can change everything you know about the realm, marking roles as redundant or secondary the moment an algorithm change sweeps through.

The Top 3 Free Online Tools to Manage your Social Media MarketingMinimising costs becomes a priority, as more and more tools are launched onto the market and you’re caught between signing away a few thousand dollars a month to measure metrics essential to retaining clients; suddenly, your tabulated figures and marginal financial increases don’t seem quite as exciting.

Fact: Good tools shouldn’t cost the balance of your smaller client base. Identifying the right tools now will save you a truck load of money later; awesome freebies are not as rare as you’d think.


Imagine if you could accumulate data based on every time somebody invokes a specific set of keywords/hashtags. Not only can you measure the context of the conversation, but you’ll have an instant packet of information surrounding what people are discussing, the relevance to your brand (or that of your clients) to current trends and opportunities for further market penetration.

In business (any business), it’s always good to know which way the wind is blowing, what people are saying and how they’re interacting with specified targets; foreknowledge allows you as an online professional to respond to and counteract any negativity, engage in active conversation and even identify solid content for a company blog. If your working model centralises around qualifying leads, think about the possibilities – a recruitment firm can limit their list to tags like #seojobs and screen potential candidates before they’ve even applied! From sales to conversation, Tagboard is essential to social media marketing and branding.

Post Planner

While Facebook is certainly a creamy slab of butter in your bread and butter formula, spending hours and hours a day planning, posting and supervising content is not conducive to productivity. Essentially a content scheduling tool, packaged together with some insightful analytics features, Post Planner runs in tandem with Facebook API and allows the social media professional the freedom to schedule posts according to day, subject, niche and audience.

On its own, Post Planner is a pretty sweet free tool. Additionally, users have the ability to access a database of status updates, covering a range of topics, so you may tailor your current messages to trending content, gossip and niche related tid-bits. Are you a Twitter fan? That’s fine, the software can directly access hot topics on the tweetsphere too and maximise your impact across a multi-channel campaign.

Social Omph

Okay, so SocialOomph isn’t free, but a measly twenty-five quid a month isn’t much to spare, really, as you probably spend that a day on your coffee fix. Quoted as being one of the coolest platforms out there for Twitter users. Most marketers are stung by the double edged sword of content – production and dissemination; some agencies out there, like Search Factory, have separate teams to concentrate on either side of the coin, delivering a specialised service. If you’re not so fortunate however, software like SocialOomph can turn a time consuming feat into easy street, allowing you to pre load and schedule tweets across a span of time, programming each to recur or not, according to your needs.

Do you have any favourites we haven’t covered? Do you disagree with our assessment? Can you go one better? Let us know in the comments below!

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